Human Nature

When you look closely at the bark of a silver birch tree, you see that it is cracked and peels in thin layers. Sometimes it even looks like it is falling apart. These peelings are a unique adaptation to the tree’s growth. As the bark sheds, so to do pathogens (poisons) thus protecting the tree. We as humans are very similar. We grow a defensive bark of sorts around our vulnerable core. Like the birch we need to periodically shed these protective layers for health and growth. It’s a process that many of us avoid or resist because it makes us feel vulnerable in a world that often seems cold and dangerous. Rather than allowing the cracks to peel off our defensive layers, we try to patch them up. It feels like we’ve built a form of protective armor and creates the illusion that we can never get hurt again.

Some of us have many layers of patches, especially if we were hurt deeply and often. Eventually the armor makes us sick, both physically and emotionally, because it weighs us down and consumes many, if not most parts of our lives. This armor deprives us of light and air and keeps us from growing and living our best lives.

As our client, we ask that you teach us about yourself and your life…when and how your armour was built…and together we are able to slowly begin peeling layers back so you can start seeing other possibilities. With guidance and support the armour that has been built up over time can slowly be peeled away. Through the cracks that once limited so many aspect of life, light shines through and you can learn to breathe again.